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The Secure Solution for Type 1 Diabetics

 All of the Arm, Thigh and Stomach Bands on this site were designed and hand made by the parents of a child with Type 1 Diabetes. The Bands are hand made from a light, comfortable, durable material that provides extra security to help keep the OmniPod Insulin Pump or Continuous Glucose Monitor in place.  The Bands feature many stylish patterns and colors that you and your child or teen will enjoy wearing every day. Parents will benefit from the piece of mind that comes with knowing the pump or sensor is securely in place!

Now featuring our Pocket Bands designed with a pocket that is sewn into the outside of the band. Fabric pockets or clear vinyl pockets are available. Pockets are designed to hold small items such as small meters, glucose tablets, Iphones, etc. Our fun patterns and solid color bands are specifically sewn to accommodate any arm and thigh size. 

In addition to our bands, check out our Silicone Debossed Alert Bracelets. Our affiliate Sticky Jewelry offers a wide array of ID Alert Jewelry that are fashionable as well as necessary. Sticky Jewelry also offers Silver Engraveable Bracelets that can be personalized with awareness messages for family members to show their support.  Finally, check out our partnership with Amazon by clicking to visit our Bands 4 Life Bookstore!  

Thank you and Happy Pumping!